1946 Hirokatsu Nagao founded his own business as Nagao Shoten
1949Hirokatsu Nagao was inaugurated as the president of Chodai Co.
1950 Completed construction of new head office.
1952 A weaving factory is completed in Omiya.
1954Registered "C.D.K.SUPER TEX" as a trademark
1956Renovation of weaving factory/New sample factory completed.
1958 Registered "C.D.K.CHODAI TEX" as a trademark
1959The dyeing plant in Skein was completed and started operation.
1960Completed sample plant for distribution center and inspection plant.(Honkobe, Imaise-cho)
1961 Reconstruction of Omiya Weaving Factory
1966 Expansion of the second weaving factory.
1967 Registered "H.S.K.HIGHLAND SUPER" as a trademark
1968 The first cheese dyeing plant (Omiya) was completed.
1969 Tokyo Sales Office opened in Awaji-cho, Kanda. Dyeing and Cheese Dyeing Plant No.2 (Omiya) completed.
1970 New head office building (1-10-17 Sakae) completed.
1973 Established Women's Clothing Department (Honkobe, Imaise-cho).
1974 Application for registration of the trademark "SUPER TEX HIBRAIN".
1979 Dyeing and high-pressure cheese drying machine installed.
1982 Toyota Thruzer, Webbing Machine, HU Repier Room (Omiya Plant introduced QJ35 warbling machine)
1985 Introduction of computerized color matching system (CCM) in dyeing laboratory.
1986 Hirokatsu Nagao was inaugurated as Chairman and Daihachiro Nagao as President
1988 Established a production control system using personal computers at the head office and factories.
1989 Introduced a drawing machine manufactured by Zellweger Worcester of Switzerland (Omiya Plant).
1991 Introduced off-line computer system to go online with five consolidation factories.
1994 New building for Women's Clothing Department (Honkobe, Imaise-cho) completed.
1997 Introduced Thruzer, Luce, Weaving Machine and G6200HU Repeater Room (Omiya Factory).
2003 Introduced Thruzer, Luce, Weaving Machine and G6200HU Repeater Room (Omiya Factory).
2004 Expansion of automatic dyeing liquid preparation machine and auxiliary kitchen (Omiya Plant)
2012 Appointment of Daihachiro Nagao as Chairman and Masahiro Nagao as President