We are aiming at brand marketing with high loyalty, focusing on Supertex (C.D.K. SUPER TEX).

Through our men's clothing fabrics, we believe that "strong ties with our customers" is the theme that can enhance the quality of our manufacturing and create new product value.

By using carefully selected top-quality raw materials and combining traditional and innovative technologies, we are enhancing our ability to propose the latest fashion materials.

In this era of global standards, we are determined to earn the further trust of our customers by demonstrating the strength of our men's clothing brand and our vector for "new product value.


Our main product is high-class women's clothing fabric. In addition to fashion, we are working on the development of high quality products with rich sensibility by using high quality raw materials such as wool and animal hair, composite materials and dyeing methods.

We also strive to plan and develop products that meet the needs of "individuals" who can dress freely and respond to women's sense of beauty and fashion.

In particular, we strive to provide innovative, beautiful, and comfortable products that capture the high quality and trends of natural fibers required for luxury.

Along with the evolution of fashion materials, we will continue to propose to the consumer market products that are one step ahead in quality and sensitivity.

Men's Products

In the apparel business, within the category of our mainstay brand "Supertex," we have commercialized men's suits as our main product and are marketing them to the luxury goods market.

We focus on differentiating ourselves in the market and providing high value-added products by building a quality and stable supply system for clothing fabrics.

In terms of commercialization, all of them have an integrated system from textiles to apparel products to meet customer needs.

In the midst of the globalization of men's sewing, we are constantly developing superior products, valuing our traditional brand image, and pursuing new values in men's fashion.

Woven Fabric

We are striving to innovate and improve the quality of our weaving technology, which is the decisive factor for product development, by making the best use of the characteristics of natural materials.

By leveraging the complex and multifaceted capabilities of our partners on the production floor, we are pursuing a more specialized production process with a better understanding of the manufacturing process.

The factory is equipped with innovative weaving machines such as the Repier and the Thruzer, and together with the QR system and shortened delivery times, we have created a production system that can handle both hardware and software.

We are also actively involved in the planning and technological development of composite materials and high-tech materials that emphasize quality and functionality.